Congratulations, shock: World leaders react to Trump’s victory

Nov 9, 2016 0

New York– Politicians across the world reacted differently to the election victory of Donald Trump, set to become the 45th President of the United States. Some congratulated him, while others voiced shock.

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Trump on the victory and expressed hope that the two countries will continue collaborative work on international issues.

Trump often praised Putin throughout his campaign, and his relationship with the Russian President was among the highlights of the presidential race.

President-elect Donald Trump (Photo courtesy: National Review)

President-elect Donald Trump (Photo courtesy: National Review)

Putin noted in the message that he hopes to address some “burning issues that are currently on the international agenda, and search for effective responses to the challenges of the global security,” RIA Novosti reported.

Putin also expressed confidence that “building a constructive dialogue between Moscow and Washington, based on principles of equality, mutual respect and each other’s positions, meets the interests of the peoples of our countries and of the entire international community.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Trump and said India looks forward to working with him closely to take bilateral ties to “a new height”.

“Congratulations @realDonaldTrump on being elected as the 45th US President,” Modi tweeted.

The Prime Minister also appreciated the friendship that Trump had “articulated towards India” during his campaign.

Indian President Pranab Mukherjee also congratulated Trump on his victory.

Japan’s Prime Minister Abe also congratulated the Republican on his victory and described the alliance between the two countries as “impregnable”.

“With all my heart I hope that Japan and the US will play a leading role in ensuring peace and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region. The Japan-US alliance is impregnable,” he stated in the message to Trump.

Abe will be sending his special adviser, Katsuyuki Kawai, to the United States shortly “to build confidence” with the new White House administration, Kyodo news agency reported.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte offered “warm congratulations” to Trump, saying he looks forward to working with him to enhance relations, a Philippine minister was quoted by the Mirror online as saying.

Duterte, who has expressed outrage almost daily with the Obama administration and threatened repeatedly to end one of Washington’s most important Asian alliances, hailed the success of US democratic system and the American way of life, Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said in a statement.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi congratulated Trump on his victory, the Egyptian presidency said in a statement.

Sisi wished Trump success as the new US president, hoping to enhance Egyptian-US cooperation at all levels.

Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said his nation respects the result of the presidential election in the US, although it was unexpected.

“The victory of Donald Trump is the most important event that will change many things in the world,” the minister said, stating that Italy will continue its cooperation with the US.

German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said the US election result was a “huge shock” in comments on German ARD TV. She urged Trump to prevent isolationism, saying, “It’s in Europe’s interest that the US remains open to the world.”

In France, Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has said that the election results must not weaken relations between Europe and the US, and assured that France remains an ally of the US, and will have to see what the new President’s policies will be.

French ambassador to the US Gerard Araud caused astonishment with his tweet that the “world is collapsing before our eyes” just as Trump was set to be elected the 45th US President.

Araud, the serving ambassador, tweeted his remarks as the defeat of Democratic Hillary Clinton became evident during counting of US election votes.

The 63-year-old said: “After Brexit and this election, everything is now possible. A world is collapsing before our eyes. Dizziness,” the reported.

The diplomat later deleted the tweet, the daily reported.

Meanwhile, one of America’s top allies in the Pacific, South Korea, said that they would expect the US to go on with the policy of pressuring North Korea.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said he would have preferred to see Hillary Clinton in the White House, but declared his readiness to work with Trump as well.

“I think the election result will make many individuals, as well as the market, worried. At the same time it is a situation to which we are well prepared. I would have preferred Hillary Clinton to win for a number of reasons. However, Sweden will do everything possible to retain good relations with the United States, no matter who is the president,” he told SVT channel, noting also his concern at the “prevailing political climate of hate” in the US. (IANS)

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Modi calls upon people for a corruption-free India

Nov 9, 2016 0

New Delhi– Terming his government’s decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes as a “historic step to fight corruption”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday called upon people to work together for a corruption-free India.

Indian Prime Minister Mody

Indian Prime Minister Mody

“A historic step to fight corruption, black money and terrorism,” Modi said on Twitter a day after announcing the decision to axe Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

With megastar Rajinikanth joining a host of actors to laud the Prime Minister for the move, Modi took the opportunity to call upon the people to join the fight against corruption and black money.

“Thank you. All of us have to work shoulder to shoulder and create a prosperous, inclusive and corruption-free India,” posted Modi in reply to Rajinikanth’s tweet, “Hats off Narendra Modiji. New India is born, Jai Hind”.

Among the other Bollywood stars to hail the move were Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor and Anushka Sharma.

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Investors’ find safe haven in gold as Trump wins election

Nov 9, 2016 0

New Delhi– As equity markets became jittery with Republican Donald Trump being elected the 45th President of the US on Wednesday, investors found safe haven in gold, triggering a spike in prices.

“Gold prices have been fluctuating globally between $1,270-$1,330 per ounce since last evening. Investors’ have a negative psyche about Trump winning the elections. They feel Trump will take dynamic decisions that will adversely impact businesses and there will be lot of disturbances. Hence investors feel gold is a safe haven to park their money,” Rahul Gupta, Director, P.P. Jewellers and Diamonds, told IANS.

Gold_ShotA key Indian equity index, the 30-share sensitive index (Sensex) of the BSE, crashed 1,688 points, or 6.12 per cent, in early trade on Wednesday.

The surprise victory of Trump, 70, defied most predictions. The billionaire thwarted Democrat Hillary Clinton’s dream to be the first US female President of America.

Trump won with 288 electoral votes compared to Clinton’s 215. The winner needed 270 out of 438 total electoral votes to control the White House.

“It was on expected lines that gold prices will surge if Donald Trump wins. Investors are not too confident about Trump’s economic policies,” said Bachhraj Bamalwa, Director, All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation.

“To win the hearts of the US people he may come out with certain policies which may impact business, investors feel,” Bamalwa told IANS.

Globally, gold price was hovering around $1,268 per ounce around 6 a.m. India time, which then soared to $1,338 per ounce between 11-11.30 a.m.

In India, gold price was hovering around Rs 30,370 per 10 grams.

“Gold is well positioned as a portfolio diversifier in an era of uncertainty. The demand for gold looks positive,” Somasundaram P.R., Managing Director India, World Gold Council told IANS.

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India Inc. seeks policy continuity under Trump

Nov 9, 2016 0

New Delhi–Besides congratulating Republican Donald Trump as US President-elect, India Inc. hopes key policies that have bought the two countries closer in recent years will continue under him, with better access to Indian skilled labour and merchandise.

“We hope challenges relating to mobility of skilled labor, market access for pharmaceutical products from India and for financial services institutions and SMEs (small and medium enterprises) will be addressed,” CII said in its reaction.

“It would also be important for critical dialogues such as the US-India Strategic and Commercial dialogue, CEO Forum, Trade Policy Forum, etc., to continue charting pathways to augment our partnership,” it said.

The chamber also sought to drive home the point that it was under a Republican President, George W. Bush, that the US-India civil nuclear agreement was activated in 2005. It brought the two countries into a geo-strategic and economic collaboration and partnership.

Sunil Kanoria

Sunil Kanoria

Assocham said apprehensions linked to Trump would certainly prove wrong and India Inc. looks forward to taking the bilateral economic engagement to a greater level under the new administration.

“We saw a different Trump who as President-elect of the US sounded so conciliatory and sober, promising a fair deal with the rest of the world,” Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Assocham) President Sunil Kanoria said in a statement.

“His words appeared so convincing that the financial markets which were nervous in the beginning recovered quite a ground rightly hoping that the Republican inmate of the White House has a great plan for America up his sleeve.”

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Ficci) reacted in a similar vein.

“The election of Donald Trump comes at a time when relations between India and the US are witnessing a paradigm shift marked by significant convergence on strategic perspectives and enhanced economic engagement,” the chamber said.

“Ficci is confident that under the presidency of Donald Trump we will do even better and touch higher trajectories of growth in our bilateral ties and economic cooperation.” (IANS)

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TEDxGurugram brings big ideas for change to the fore

Nov 8, 2016 0

Gurugram–From advocacy of periodic proportionate farming to confronting conditioning and searching solutions for the millennium city’s civic problems, the recently concluded TEDxGurugram brought to the fore ideas for bringing about dynamic change in the world we live in today.

Organised under the Infosys Anchor programme in India, the event on Sunday saw ten speakers brining fresh perspectives to the table.

TEDxGurugram brought to the fore ideas for bringing about dynamic change in the world we live in today.

TEDxGurugram brought to the fore ideas for bringing about dynamic change in the world we live in today.

A biker, fashion entrepreneur, data analyst, farmer, social activist and an architect, among others, made up the exciting line-up.

Prem Singh, an organic farmer from Bundelkhand, speaking in Hindi, captured imaginations with his idea of “Aavartansheel Kheti” or periodic proportionate farming.

Nazia Erum, founder of The Luxury Label, a workwear brand for women, found an interested audience as she spoke of how conditioning stops us from being our most fulfilled versions.

Her talk about labels, body sizes, fashion industry and finding your “powersuit” found resonance in all women present.

Ulrike Reinhard, a community activist who set up the Janwar castle — a skateboard park — described how the initiative contributed to breakdown of caste barriers and strides in education for the children in the rural village of Janwar in Madhya Pradesh. (IANS)

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Indian Americans intensify campaigns on final days before election

Nov 7, 2016 0

New York– Indian Americans Democrats and Republicans intensified their campaigns in the community for their presidential candidates on the eve of Tuesday’s monumental elections.

Democrats took a broader approach reaching out to all South Asians over the weekend, while Republicans focused on Hindus.

Indian Americans are traditionally Democratic Party supporters. According to a series of opinion polls by the National Asian American Survey, support for Democrat Hillary Clinton has held steady at 71 percent among registered Indian American voters, while Republican Donald Trump’s support slipped from 11 percent in May to 7 percent last month.

Republicans have been trying to break into the Democratic Party base, with a campaign targeting Hindus. Last month Trump addressed a charity event organised by Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) that drew about 8,000 people in New Jersey. He vowed at the event to be a friend of Hindus and Indians.

Clinton has not made a similar direct appeal to Indian Americans given the wide margin of their historic support. Her Indian American and South Asian supporters have instead concentrated on mobilising fellow Democrats to go out and vote, especially those living states key to her victory. These 11 states are called Battleground States and neither party has a decisive lead in them and could swing the election.

Both sides waged a battle on community televisions and on the digital media. Democrats ran a phone bank with volunteers calling up South Asians in the key states, urging them to vote for Clinton. The RHC blanketed voters thought to be Hindus with printed campaign material.

Amit Jani of South Asians for Hillary (SAHILL) told IANS that about 200 volunteers were out over the weeknd knocking on doors of South Asians and making phone calls to them to vote for Clinton, concentrating on the battleground states.

The group prepared a list of South Asians by going through the master voters’ rolls to help them campaign, he said.

Photos (left) by Mic Smith; (right) by David J. Phillip Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will seek to "not lose" in front of a television audience that is expected to rival the Super Bowl's.

Photos (left) by Mic Smith; (right) by David J. Phillip
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will seek to “not lose” in front of a television audience that is expected to rival the Super Bowl’s.

Volunteers also traveled to some of the battleground states to campaign, he added.

SAHILL, he said, is betting on a Clinton victory and has organised an Election Watch Party at a New York City Bar in anticipation of her victory.

RHC sent out printed campaign material accusing Clinton of being “Best friend of Pakistan, China and Radical Islamic Terrorists” and of advocating an immigration policy that will make Indians “wait 50 years” for Green Cards.

Focusing on Indian businesspeople and doctors, the RHC said that Clinton was “pro-labour” and will extend President Barack Obama’s health care programme to force all medical professionals to work for the government.

It said that Trump was a friend of Hindus and was inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and would increase trade with India at the expense of China and enable Indians to get more Green Cards.

Some of these themes played out on the RHC TV advertisements, which also alleged that Clinton’s aide, Huma Abedin, whose mother is a Pakistani, would influence Clinton’s foreign policy.

The Democratic Party commercials, on the other hand, focused on the future generations of South Asians and Indian Americans, according to Varun Nikore, the vice chair of the Asian American Pacific Islander Victory Fund (AAPIVF), which backs Clinton.

“Our message in the TV ads is that you came here to give your family a better future. So, vote for Hillary who will ensure your children and future generations will have have a great future,” Nikore told IANS.

He said that AAPIVF made a special effort to reach out to the millennials, the first generation voters. Last month AAPIVF organised a rally for them in Raleigh in North Carolina, a battleground state. The event featured Liane V., a singer for the group Black Eyed Peas, who appeals to young people.

He said that they went after the Asian voters in the main battleground states, Virginia, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. In North Carolina where there is a concentration of Indian Americans in the area around Raleigh known as the Research Triangle, he said that the Asian voters could have an impact on the state’s voting.

Another area where there is possible Asian impact is Virginia state, where there is a concentration of them in the northern part, he added. (IANS)

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Arby’s Restaurant Group Inks Deal with Parikh Network, LLC to Open 50 New Restaurants

Nov 7, 2016 0

ATLANTA— Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. (ARG), parent company of the franchisor of the Arby’s brand, has announced a new development agreement with Parikh Network, LLC, a new franchisee to the Arby’s brand, to open 50 new restaurants over the next eight years.

“There has never been a better time to join the Arby’s brand,” said Ashish Parikh, CEO, Parikh Network, LL

As part of the transaction, Parikh Network also purchased 18 ARG-owned Arby’s restaurants in the Baltimore, MD and Harrisburg, PA markets from which to grow their Arby’s business.

Parikh Network is led by brothers, Ashish Parikh, CEO, and Amish Parikh, President, who began in the franchise business in 2006 and grew their portfolio to include more than 100 restaurants operating under another quick

service restaurant brand name. Franchise Times named Parikh Network, LLC on their 2016 “Restaurant 200” list (76th largest franchise company).

“We are thrilled to welcome Parikh Network into the Arby’s family,” said Paul Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. “Their track record of operational excellence, including a focus on guest service, and their proven ability to grow their business through new restaurant development year after year has been incredibly impressive.”

“There has never been a better time to join the Arby’s brand,” said Ashish Parikh, CEO, Parikh Network, LLC. “With the significant business momentum and continued industry outperformance, the future is very bright for Arby’s. Our family business is eager to grow by building new restaurants in the Arby’s system.”

Arby’s remains on track with its goal to surpass $4 billion in total system-wide same-store sales (SSS) by the end of 2018. The Brand has achieved 24 consecutive quarters of SSS growth and 15 consecutive quarters of industry outperformance.


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IBJ and INE to launch weekly video column with Desh Deshpande, with excerpts from his book “On Entrepreneurship and Impact”

Nov 6, 2016 0

BOSTON—INDIA New England News, the region’s oldest and largest print, online and video magazine and its sister publication IndUS Business Journal, will launch a weekly video column with serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Desh Dehspande, who was recently honored, along with his wife Jaishree, with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Each short video will be accompanied by one chapter from Deshpande’s recently published book “On Entrepreneurship and Impact.”

Upendra Mishra, publisher of INDIA New England News and the IndUS Business Journal, said that Deshpande’s column will start on Nov. 14 and will run each Monday in both publications.

Desh Deshpande

Desh Deshpande

“Easy things are hard to do and hard things are impossible to do. With that as background, I wrote the book ‘On Entrepreneurship and Impact’ in very simple words. Every chapter covers a concept in a self-contained fashion,” said Deshpande, a philanthropist, a serial high-tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and angel investor. “I am pleased that India New England News will be publishing a chapter of the book every week.”

The first three questions in the book are:

  • Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?
  • Is entrepreneurship worth it?
  • Is entrepreneurship an art or a science?

The book is published by the Deshpande Foundation, and its foreword is written by N. R Narayana Murthy, founder of Indian tech giant Infosys.

“For each chapter, I have also included a short video that we hope will trigger some thoughts about the chapter and make you pause, reflect and possibly raise new questions on that topic,” Deshpande said.  “True knowledge is not gained by just reading or listening to others.  Both these activities can become triggers for new insights that one can internalize and make your own.”

Deshpande-Book CoverIn 1996, Deshpande and his wife Jaishree co-founded the Deshpande Foundation to encourage the use of entrepreneurship and innovation as a catalyst for sustainable change.

Mishra said that readers of INDIA New England News and IndUS Business Journal will learn a lot from this series.

“I have already read this book a couple of times. It is easy to read and has short chapters that force you to think about business from a very different perspective,” Mishra said. “Our readers will benefit tremendously from the entrepreneurial wisdom of Desh, an accomplished entrepreneur who has invested in several successful companies and mentored many entrepreneurs across the globe. We are very excited to launch this series on the 14th of this month.”

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After raising $1 million just with an idea, Kash Shaikh’s Besomebody set to launch Learning Paths

Nov 4, 2016 0

After raising $1 million just with an idea, Kash Shaikh’s Besomebody set to launch Learning Paths

BOSTON—Inspiring oneself is great, but inspiring others is better, and then raising $1 million just with this simple idea is probably the best thing that can happen to anyone. Well, this is what had happened to Kash Shaikh, who had traveled to 43 countries for Procter and Gamble and was thinking about what to do next.

This week IndUS Business Journal talked to Shaikh about #besomebody, a company that he founded and started out as just an inspirational hash tag and evolved into a fully funded company.

#Besomebody raised one million dollars in seed funding without having a product, just an idea of inspiring people to follow their passions. Now #besomebody has an app that is an experience marketplace where hosts (known as Passionaries) make money teaching their passions to others who share the same passion, but need to get more experience.

Kash Shaikh on Shark Tank

Kash Shaikh on Shark Tank

#Besomebody Passionaries made $100,000 from experiences in its beta. The #besomebody content reaches more than 10 million people from around the world and from all walks of life. #Besomebody was also featured on reality T.V. show Shark Tank on November fourth.

In February 2017, #besomebody will be starting a new part of the company called Learning Paths. This a vocational program to help people get the training they need to succeed.

Shaikh says that college students are graduating with loads of student debt, but not the essential skills and training they need to get the jobs they desire, and says that the Learning Paths will help them gain those skills.

Shaikh’s journey began while leading social marketing for Proctor and Gamble in developing countries, where he was on the road eighty percent of the time, traveling to 43 countries. The people he met on his travels changed the way he thought about the world, helping him realize that people are similar across cultures, and he started writing about it, and then sharing it on social media.

Shaikh needed a change of scenery so he left P&G for camera powerhouse GoPro, where Shaikh says he learned that content can build your brand for you. He became the first person to resign from GoPro leaving 75 percent of his stock on the table, to follow his passion. He went around to schools all over the country talking about #besomebody and hoping to inspire young people to follow their passions and desires.

Now based in Boston, Shaikh hopes to continue growing the #besomebody brand and helping people follow their passions.

Shaikh was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and attended the University of Texas, Austin. He says that since high school he has always enjoyed creating things. When asked who his biggest influences were he said “take advice from three people; people who love you unconditionally, people who are in the trenches with you, and people who have done what you are trying to do.”

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Three top executives quit Tata Sons

Nov 4, 2016 0

Mumbai–Even as the hunt is on for a new chairman following the ouster of Cyrus Mistry, Tata Sons on Friday announced major changes in their organisational structure, including the resignation of three top executives.

“Nirmalya Kumar, N.S. Rajan and Madhu Kannan have decided to explore options outside Tata Sons and have left the services of the company,” a statement from the group said. The trio was seen to be close to Mistry.

The group said human resources will be overseen by S. Padmanabhan in addition to his existing responsibilities of leading the Tata Business Excellence Group, while Mukund Rajan will continue to be responsible for ethics and sustainability.

Rajan is also being given the additional responsibility of overseeing the operations of the overseas representative offices of Tata Sons in the US, Singapore, Dubai and China.

This apart, Harish Bhat, who oversees marketing and customer affairs, will also be responsible for managing the Tata Brand. “In the interim, he will also oversee the functions of Strategy and Business Development,” the statement said.

Among the others, Gopichand Katragadda continues as Group Chief Technology Officer, and Sanjay Singh as Chief of Public Affairs out of the Delhi office. (IANS)

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