NEW DELHI– Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in his elements at the launch of Start-up India’ and ‘Stand-up India’ movement on Saturday, regaling a smart audience of young entrepreneurs, start-up founders, techies, ministers and officials at Vigyan Bhavan here.

Indian Prime Minister Modi
Indian Prime Minister Modi

In his about 50-minute address in chaste Hindi, but with simultaneous translation in English, to the about 1,500 people, Modi treated them to a range one-liners, drawing applause from a well-informed gathering before unveiling the government’s action plan for start-ups in the country.

Some of the one or two-liners:

* We are here so that you can tell us what we should not do.

* We want to focus on hand holding for start-ups.

* Start-ups don’t have to be billion-dollar ventures. Even if it employs five persons, it is contributing to the Indian economy.

* This start-up movement is not linked to money or name and fame. It is about finding solutions to problems of common people.

* Solutions to all problems are in an app. I also have an app – the Narendra Modi app.

* Start-ups are not just because of entrepreneurial capabilities, but also for the aspect of risk-taking.

* Ideas are many, but some leave the idea halfway while others become very involved with the idea.

* Young people across the country have been watching this programme from the morning.

* Today is a Saturday and considered a holiday for the government. And it’s beyond 6 p.m. It’s unthinkable. But this is the change.


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