BOSTON, MA—TetraScience, a Boston startup, could be on to something. Something really big.

BostInno reported that TetraScience, a startup bringing the ‘Internet of Things’ to scientific instruments and lab equipment, has been steadily growing over the past year – despite keeping much of their traction under wraps.

Alok Tayi
Alok Tayi

TetraScience, for example, secured a “substantial round of funding in 2015,” BostInno quoted the company’s co-founder and CEO Alok Tayi. The company also revealed that one of its investors is Digital Science.

“So they’re starting to loosen their tight lip. Just a bit, though,” BostInno said.

TetraScience is an Internet-of-Things company founded by scientists and engineers from Harvard and MIT, according to the company’s website. “Our mission is to modernize research by bringing cloud software to the laboratory. We think the future of science starts by connecting all scientific equipment to the web.”

The company’s website states that it is looking to hire at least nine people, including Embedded Linux Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Account Executive (SaaS), Account Executive (OEM) , Visual Designer, Inbound Marketing, Product Manager, Application Engineer; and Quality Assurance Engineer.

BostInno reported that, while Tayi didn’t disclose how much TetraScience raised in their seed round last June, he did explain the history behind the venture’s rapport with Digital Science. “The engagement began in 2014, when we were a recipient of their Catalyst Grant, which is issued once a year to promising startup in the space,” Tayi said.

In the past six months, TetraScience has scaled to three dozen, pushing four dozen customers, according to Tayi, including “top notch institutions” who want to work with them, BostInno said, adding that Tayi explained there’s been growing interest among organizations in the oil, gas and chemical fields, which use the same instruments and similar experimentation processes to complete their work.

“We’ve doubled our headcount, doubled our customer base and doubled our revenue,” BostInno quoted Tayi as saying. “We’re continuing that pace through the end 2016.”