New Delhi– With the Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties (DGAD) again initiating a probe into dumping of colour-coated steel from China and European Union (EU), the former expressed concern over India’s trade remedy measures against its steel products.

Essar Steel India Ltd and JSW Steel Coated Products Ltd have filed a petition before the DGAD for initiation of anti-dumping investigation and imposition of anti-dumping duty on the alleged dumped imports of “Colour-coated/pre-painted flat products of alloy or non-alloy steel originating in or exported from China PR and European Union”.

The DGAD said that it “prima facie finds that sufficient evidence of dumping of the subject goods, originating in or exported” from the concerned countries.

“… the Authority hereby initiates an investigation into the alleged dumping causing consequent injury to the domestic industry… to determine the existence, degree and effect of dumping and recommend the amount of anti-dumping duty, which if levied, would be adequate to remove the injury to the domestic industry,” the DGAD said in a notification.

After the latest investigation ordered by Indian authorities, China’s Ministry of Commerce said on Monday that this is the fifth such probe against its exports by India this year, the highest among member countries of the World Trade Organisation.

It said the global steel industry was experiencing difficulties due to sluggish economic growth and weak demand, but abuse of trade remedy measures would not help resolve industrial overcapacity but hamper normal trade.

The products under consideration in the present investigation are pre-painted, painted, colour-coated or organic coated flat steels in coils or not in coils.

The period of investigation covers July-December period of 2015. The injury investigation period will also cover FY13, FY 14, FY 15 and April-December period of 2015.

A WTO report suggested that India, the US and Brazil were the leading initiators of anti-dumping investigations in 2015.

The WTO members started 107 new anti-dumping investigations from January-June 2015 as against 106 in the same period in 2014, the report said.