New Delhi– Not high roaming bills but the lack of internet connectivity is the biggest fear of Indians while travelling, a survey revealed on Wednesday.

Nearly 34.5 per cent of people feared the lack of mobile network while travelling while just 6.9 per cent are afraid of high roaming bills, said the survey conducted by web brower Opera and lifespan accommodation company Wudstay.

“Internet connectivity is an important pre-requisite for travellers. People prefer being connected to the internet in order to share updates when on the move,” said Sunil Kamath, Vice President, South Asia and Southeast Asia, Opera.

About 7.8 per cent Indians are concerned about losing their smartphones during the journey.

The survey also showed that 32.8 per cent Indians use mobile data for social media posts while 28.4 per cent use their mobile data to find information about the places they are visiting.

Nearly 16.4 per cent people use their mobile data to stay connected with their family and friends, whereas 17.2 per cent of people spend their data using GPS while travelling.

The survey also revealed that about 13.8 per cent people are willing to go without food for an entire day for a lag-free internet connection.

Interestingly, 14.7 per cent will give up on showering during their entire vacation to enjoy a great internet connection.

While 33.6 per cent of people reported they are willing to sacrifice drinking for an evening to have a good internet connection another 28.4 per cent will not use a restroom for six hours to have a good internet connection.

“Technology drives the experience of the modern traveller. This survey has helped us identify what is essential for our customers,” added Prafulla Mathur, Founder and CEO, WudStay.