New Delhi– The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Thursday launched a Facebook application to help people connect with the Indian missions across the globe any time of the day.

Announcing the launch here, MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup said: “The social media has been a game changer in the way we communicate with each other and the world”.

Ankhi Dass
Ankhi Dass

He said the ministry has been a pioneer in adapting to digital tools, starting in 2010.

“The ministry handles on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, G+, Soundcloud etc. have a collective viewership exceeding four million,” he said, adding this particular application will help people in various ways.

Speaking on the occasion, Ankhi Dass, Pubilc Policy Director of Facebook for India, South and Central Asia, said it was a good step from the government’s side to help people and getting them involved in foreign policy matters directly.

“This really is the consumerisation of foreign policy and you have taken distress mitigation and grievance redress literally to the next stage. I think with this app what is happening is that you are putting power in the people’s hands to be able to contact to the missions directly,” she said.

“This is very useful, particularly in distressing times,” she said. (IANS)