MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–Infer Inc., a provider of predictive technologies, launched an advanced account behavior scoring offering, which helps companies accelerate revenue generation by supercharging their account-based marketing (ABM) programs.

“Our newest predictive models empower sales and marketing teams with previously unattainable ABM metrics that show which accounts – and specifically which contacts at each account – are expressing the highest levels of marketing engagement,” said Vik Singh, co-founder and CEO of Infer. “We deliver this unprecedented transparency by using advanced machine learning to produce crystal-clear predictions that make it even easier for any business to identify whitespace gaps in its pipeline and find high-potential target accounts that deserve more attention sooner rather than later.”

Vik Singh
Vik Singh

This latest predictive innovation bolsters a company’s ABM strategies and tactics by helping to identify marketing-qualified accounts (MQAs), drive engagement with the right people at the right times, gather faster feedback on ABM programs, and measure pipeline acceleration. Infer’s Account-Based Behavior Scoring brings valuable account engagement insight right into a company’s CRM system, so that go-to-market teams can easily see which people are showing increased activity, and then pinpoint accounts that are predicted to buy a particular product within a set time period (i.e. the next three weeks). As a result, marketers can analyze the quality of their ABM campaigns in real-time and use this information to continuously test-and-invest various content, brand assets, channels and initiatives.

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Founded in 2010, Infer delivers a predictive-first platform that helps companies win more customers. It leverages proven data science to rapidly model the untapped data sitting in enterprises, along with thousands of signals from the web. Customers include several large enterprises and numerous high growth companies like AdRoll, Atlassian, Cloudera, Concur, New Relic, Tableau, Xactly and Zendesk. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Infer is funded by leading investors, including Redpoint Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Social+Capital Partnership, Sutter Hill Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners.