New Delhi– About 63 per cent of the people living in Tier III cities are comfortable buying a male performance enhancer or female arousal product only via online medium, a recent survey conducted by Kinkpin, a lifestyle e-commerce platform suggested.

Smaller cities like Nagpur, Surat and Jaipur have 87 per cent people preferring to purchase sexual wellness products online. Only 32 per cent of consumers in big cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune are willing to buy the products offline.

When it comes to purchasing these products online, women (77 per cent ) are just a little ahead of men (73 per cent).

The survey also reveals consumer behaviour across product categories. While men in Tier II cities like Gurgaon, Nashik, Pune, Vadodra, Indore and Jaipur are buying performance enhancers and delaying gels, women are investing more in seductive lingerie and erotic lip balms.

The study also suggested that there are no inhibitions among consumers in ordering these products from their workplace, like in Gurgaon where 30 per cent of the erotic e-commerce purchases are being made from office or through corporate accounts.

“The incorporation of adult sex toys in one’s lifetime is becoming less of a taboo and more of an integral addition for most urbane bedrooms,” said Reetinder Singh, co-founder of Kinkpin in a statement.