Hyderabad– Dr Reddy’s Foundation on Tuesday launched a new skill development initiative called GROW to impart skills to youth including those with disabilities.

Under the new model designed to be more impactful and self-sustainable, DRF has inaugurated 110 centres across the country.

Launching the initiative, Dr Reddy’s Chairman Satish Reddy said that innovation is the key to keeping pace with the fast-changing needs of the skilling ecosystem.

Satish Reddy
Satish Reddy

“GROW, with its new approach, is a natural corollary to our Livelihood Advancement Business School (LABS). When LABS was launched in 2000, it was a pioneering effort and trained more than three lakh students. I am sure GROW will take this mission forward,” he said.

GROW, born out of DRF’s long experience and research to match present and future market needs for skilled workers, will address the complex problem of youth unemployment through a placement-linked skill development program, DRF said in a statement.

The programme adopts a modular approach, which while assessing all new entrants to analyse the person’s socio-economic and educational background and focuses on understanding each candidate’s aspirations before suggesting a training module that will help them to move closer towards their goal.

This intense focus on individual aspirations is integral in helping students develop the required skills and competencies, and find the right job placement, thereby reducing attrition and improving performance.

The industry-vetted course module, conducted by qualified trainers, is in line with market needs and standards. Each candidate is assured full support throughout the programme and post completion, is connected with the appropriate industry for job placements.

DRF Trustee Anuradha Gunupati, who unveiled the logo, said she was happy to see Dr Anji Reddy’s vision grow from a small project to a dynamic movement that addresses the skilling gap in this country.

“LABS has been our flagship programmes for a decade and a half. But given the rapidly changing skilling ecosystem, we realized the time had come to phase out LABS and design a new dynamic skilling program in line with the present industry needs and youth aspirations,” said Shamik Trehan, CEO of DRF. (IANS)