Bengaluru–Software major Infosys Ltd on Wednesday unveiled a mobile first and modular platform to drive e-commerce programmes across retail channels.

The platform has been developed by Skava, a Silicon Valley-based e-commerce start-up that the IT major acquired in June 2015 for $120 million, to enable businesses leverage cloud-based micro-services and white label applications to launch new offerings and improve conversion rates of digital channels.

“The platform can integrate into present technologies, while providing a future-ready architecture for next-generation shopping experiences leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, natural language processing and virtual reality (VR),” the IT major said.

The platform also has a mobile-first responsive web store and native mobile shopping applications that can be managed by non-technical business users through its Studio, an intuitive web-based experience management tool.

“The architecture of Skava platform helps simplify and accelerate the deployment of e-commerce services cost effectively and without large up-front investments,” a company statement said.

With its global consulting and integration capabilities, gained through partnerships with companies such as Aimia, Darden, and Vodafone, the outsourcing firm will pitch the platform to its global client base of retailers and CPG (consumer packaged goods) firms who need a modular approach to maximise the value of digital customer engagement.

Vishal Sikka
Vishal Sikka

Infosys Chief Executive Vishal Sikka observed many businesses face complex, legacy IT systems that result in fragmented consumer experience across channels and limit retailers’ ability to rapidly prototype, test and launch new digital offerings.

“By taking a platform-centric approach, leveraging Skava Commerce, retail clients can develop and roll out new offerings on an ongoing basis, enable a consistent brand experience across channels and deliver unique experiences within,” said Sikka on the occasion.

Peter Sheldon, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, wrote in a recent report that much of the growth over the next five years will be driven by re-platforming activities as online retailers look to fortify the scalability of their technology and branded manufacturers increase focus on direct-to-consumer digital channels.

Skava platform provides a suite of e-commerce micro-services that can be used stand alone or in conjunction with others, and implemented without downtime. Its modern architecture scales as traffic increases to provide a consistent experience across all channels.

“Skava has a history of innovation, driving the mobile-first approach to e-commerce ahead of the rest of the industry. The work we have done with some of the largest retail brands stands testimony to that,” said Skava Chief Executive Arish Ali.