New Delhi–India’s aviation regulator on Tuesday said that it has approved an increase of 20.8 per cent in flight operations for the winter schedule (WS) 2016 for domestic airlines.

According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the total departures per week in WS 2016 has been increased to 16,600 flights from 13,744 services in WS 2015.

“Total departures per week in WS 2016 will be 16,600 as against 13,744 in WS 2015,” a DGCA official said.

However, scheduled operations will only be available to and from 75 airports. During the WS 2015, scheduled operations were available to and from 81 airports.

Services to airports such as Mysore, Porbandar, Nanded, Car Nicobar, Durgapur and Pondicherry have been withdrawn in WS 16.

The winter schedules will be effective from October 31 till end March 2017.