Kolkata– The German National Tourist Office, India (GNTO) on Wednesday said it expects two million Indian visitor overnights for 2030.

While the core marketing theme for GNTO this year has been ‘Germany-Holidays in the Heart of Nature’, castles, parks and gardens will be the draw for the next year, said Romit Theophilus, director, sales and marketing at GNTO.

“Germany has recorded over 500,432 overnights from India for the period of January-August this year, which reflects a growth of 4.4 per cent over the same period last year.

“We have a projection for 2030 where we would like to consider two million visitor overnights from India to Germany. It is a 300 per cent jump from today,” Theophilus told the media here at the conclusion of its road show.

In the European nation, the Black Forest region is most popular with Indian tourists, but cities like Berlin, Frankfurt and Stuttgart are catching on, said Theophilus.

“Berlin is the new entrant. Stadium tours are also gaining popularity,” he said.

This apart, museums dedicated to the country’s leading car brands, including BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche also generate interests in tourists.

Indians are one of the highest spenders in Germany, said Theophilus.

“They are ranked number four when it comes to overseas markets. The average spending of an Indian traveller is close to 2,500 euros per trip per person. India has now entered the top 20 source market globally for visitors coming in to Germany as well,” he said.

According to Wolfgang Gartner of the State Tourism Board of Saxony, the must-sees for Indians in Germany are the jewelled masterpieces: Court of Aurangzeb (comprises 4,909 diamonds, 164 emeralds, 160 rubies, a sapphire, 16 pearls and two cameos) and the Green Diamond, also known as the Dresden Diamond.

The 41 carats precious stone is believed to hail from the Kollur mine in Andhra Pradesh.