New Delhi– In a major expansion drive, national passenger carrier Air India on Monday announced it plans to add two new international destinations in its network till July 2017.

The airline also plans to increase its flight frequencies on domestic routes like Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Leh till July 2017.

According to the airline, it will commence a direct non-stop flight to Copenhagen, Denmark, from May 2017, followed by direct flight operations on the Delhi-Washington-Delhi route in July 2017.

“Post the successful commencement of direct non-stop flights to San Francisco, Madrid, Vienna and Ahemdabad-Newark via London, Air India shall start direct flight operations on Delhi-Washington-Delhi route in July 2017,” the airline said in a statement, revealing its ambitious expansion plans for 2017.

“This flight will be the fifth direct connection with the US and shall be operated by Boeing 777 aircraft. Furthermore, in order to establish connectivity with the Scandinavian countries, the flag carrier will commence a direct non-stop flight to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark in May 2017.”

Air India said plans also are afoot for direct flight operations on Chandigarh-Bangkok-Chandigarh and Kolkata-Bangkok-Kolkata routes during May 2017.

On the domestic circuit, it will add new frequencies on various routes as also start new connections to bolster regional connectivity.

“A direct flight service to Port Blair will commence from Delhi in the month of May,” the statement said.

“Air India will also add second frequency on Delhi-Nagpur-Delhi, fourth frequency on Delhi-Ahmedabad-Delhi sector in March 2017 and second frequency on Delhi-Leh-Delhi sector in the month of May.”

The airline started twelve new domestic flights and four new international operations in 2016.