Thiruvananthapuram– Cuba will be importing more condoms from Thiruvananthapuram-headquartered HLL Lifecare Ltd, said a company spokesperson on Friday.

The HLL spokesperson told the media that it was from 2012 that Cuba began importing condoms, blood bags and intra-uterine devices from the company.

“In the previous calendar year, the total exports of HLL products to Cuba was Rs 11 crore and this calendar year we have set a target of Rs 20 crore,” said the HLL spokesperson.

Interestingly, the announcement comes even as the average number of children in Cuban families have touched as low as 1.4 per family and planning to increase their population to 20 million by 2050 up from the present 11.2 million.

Ambassador of Cuba to India Oscar I. Martinex Cordoves visited the condom manufacturing facility of the HLL factory in the capital city on Friday and watched presentations, besides holding discussions with key company officials.

“India is a key country as far as Cuba is considered when it comes to imports. There are several things that we are dependent for and import,” Cordoves told the media.

He also pointed out that the country is offering lots of stimulus packages to women and their target population in 2050 is fixed at 20 million.

“The health care system in our country is very good and today, the population of Cubans above 60 years is 20 per cent, with women having a life expectancy of 81 and men 78,” said Cordoves. (IANS)