Panaji–Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday he is being hounded by a powerful lobby affected by his government’s November 8 demonetisation decision.

Modi warned that tough steps to transform the lives of the poor in India will continue.

“All over the country, I have started a campaign against corruption. A common man is not involved in corruption. They are big, powerful people. I am being persecuted because they are in trouble because of me. I am taking out what they have accumulated over 70 years,” Modi told a rally in Panaji.

“This government is for the poor. To make India without poverty, steps are being taken to transform the lives of the poor. Therefore, our steps will be tough; but these will be for the country’s betterment; it will not be for political gain,” the Prime Minister said.

Modi criticised the Congress government in Karnataka for not acting against a minister for alleged seizure from his residence Rs 150 crore in new currency notes, unaccounted money and gold.

“In your neighbourhood, in Karnataka, from a Congress minister’s home, more than Rs 150 crore in new notes, black money, gold were seized. Karnataka government is not even bothered. That minister has not even resigned. No notice has been issued to that minister. Do you want to get such corruption in Goa?” Modi said. (IANS)