New Delhi–Cyber security firm Skybox Security on Thursday said it has registered a 154 per cent increase in revenue (year-over-year) earned from the Indian businesses in 2016.

Skybox recently opened an India support centre in Bengaluru, providing additional technical support to customers in the country and the Asia-Pacific and China (APAC) region.

Avi Corfas

“Internet penetration and adoption of ‘leap frog’ technologies like WLAN, mobile devices and virtualised networks are driving growth because they bring with them a dramatically different threat landscape and security management challenges,” said Avi Corfas, Vice President, APAC and Latin America, Skybox Security, in a statement.

As part of its Digital India initiative, The National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center (NCIIPC) recently released 40 tenets to improve cybersecurity in organisations essential to the economy, health and defence.

“Compliance may be the number one operational challenge for Indian businesses — most businesses, for that matter,” added Sridhar Namachivayan, Regional Director of India and Saarc, Skybox.

Skybox works with 15 top-tier channel partners in India, including Mahindra SSG, Valuepoint Techsol, Wipro and HCL.

“Without network automation to streamline workflows, data collection and analysis, tracking and reporting, security teams simply can’t keep up with compliance requirements. On top of that workload, they must also be concerned with the needs of the business and the day-to-day protection of their organisation,” Namachivayan added.