Thiruvananthapuram–There were 30,719 unemployed engineering graduates in Kerala as on October 30, 2016 — up from 23,984 in 2015, the latest Economic Review for the state shows.

The Economic Review for 2016 was tabled in the assembly on Thursday by state Finance Minister Thomas Issac, who will present the state budget for 2017-18 on Friday.

Other work seekers include 3,369 medical graduates, 48,180 engineering diploma holders, 86,191 ITI certificate holders, 1,182 agricultural graduates and 609 veterinarians.

Overall, the total number of professional job seekers has gone up from 1.63 lakh in 2015 to 1.70 lakh as on October 30, 2016.

Likewise. the number of general work seekers stood at 32.67 lakh, of which 20.19 lakh have passed Class 10, 6.87 lakh have studied up to Class 12, 2.01 lakh are graduates and 13,000 are post-graduates.