New Delhi–A Delhi property dealer has confessed to having murdered his business partner, his wife and four kids over a property dispute, the city police said on Monday.

Realtor Bunty shot dead Munnawar Hasan, 45, on Saturday in his house in Burari neighbourhood of north Delhi, a police officer said.

Hasan, a former Bahujan Samaj Party leader who was in jail over rape charges, was out on parole since last week, the officer said.

His family had not visited him in the jail since April 20 and when he reached his home on parole, he didn’t find his wife and four kids there.

Hasan, accompanied by Bunty, then filed a missing persons complaint with the police on Friday. Hasan’s bullet-riddled body was found at his home a day later.

The officer said the police suspected Bunty for Hasan’s murder and questioned him on Sunday.

Bunty told the police that he had earlier killed Hasan’s wife and the four kids and buried their bodies at different places in Delhi and Meerut of Uttar Pradesh.

“Bunty confessed to murdering Hasan and also claimed to have killed Hasan’s wife and the four children. We cannot establish the veracity of the latter claim until we find the bodies. We have sent police teams to Meerut and two more places in Delhi where Bunty said he had buried them,” the officer told IANS.

Hasan and Bunty both lived in Burari and had been into property business for some years. Hasan was from Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh.(IANS)


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