By Mandy Bular

United States of America is going to undergo a historic and a universal event in the most literal sense of meaning as the moon is going to cover up the sun completely making a path of totality over a certain area of America. This is a total solar eclipse basically that is proposed to happen on the 21st of August this year. Quite obviously, there are bubbles of expectations as well as excitements throughout the world as everybody is trying somehow to make it to America in order to view this once in a lifetime event that the cosmos will be gifting us.

Mandy Bular

What’s so special about the path of totality?

Solar eclipses are quite common and keep happening in some part of the world or the other after certain intervals of time but when it comes to a total solar eclipse, the event becomes a little extraordinary in its own way. This happens because the disc of the moon covers the disc of the sun completely and this particular event is not at all very frequent or general thing to happen in the universe. In fact, the cosmic magic has a great role to play in this path of totalitythat occurs after some superb spells of geometry and other sciences that go in the huge universe.

The heavenly bodies especially those of the solar system are in the same line only once in eighteen months when they come together while revolving around in their respective orbits. The orbiting of the moon, the satellite around the earth is at an average of 2, 39,000 miles or roughly around 3, 85,000 kilometers from Earth. Hence, undoubtedly this is a pretty rare phenomenon and one cannot afford to miss a chance of watching the same happen, especially those staying or travelling to US during that time.

Visibility related facts about the total solar eclipse in the US

Apart from the total solar eclipse that will be visible in the periphery of Oregon to South Carolina in the US, there will be a partial solar eclipse visible from some surrounding areas of the US as well. In this case, the moon will be found to cover just a part of the sun and not the complete sun’s disc as is the case of total solar eclipse. Usually, the frequency of occurrences of normal solar eclipses are two to five times per year on an average but total solar eclipse happens after every 18 months and therefore, the path of totality invariably has to be explored at any cost this year!

Places to look out for during the D-day

The main areas of the United States where one can head to for making it count on the day of total solar eclipse are Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

(Mandy Bular is a travel and lifestyle blogger. She enjoys writing about various places and topics and has recently taken a fascination with The Great American Total Solar Eclipse, the path of totality and how best to view it.)