Hyderabad– Ford India has signed an agreement with the Telangana government to design tech-based mobility solution for commuters in Hyderabad.

The company on Friday inked the Memorandum of Understanding with the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) to assess the feasibility of a common digital mobility solution.

Under the agreement, Ford will analyse Hyderabad’s existing transportation system. It will then work with HDMA to design tech-based mobility solutions to improve commuter experience, and that will optimise efficiency for transport operators as well as reduce congestion, said a company statement.

The company and HMDA officials signed the MoU here in the presence of Minister for Information Technology and Urban Development K.T. Rama Rao and Ford India President and MD Michael Brielmaier.

“Hyderabad has a significant advantage due to its excellent infrastructure and connectivity. This MoU with Ford Motor Company will further make the commute within the city more convenient for all,” said Rama Rao.

“As a mobility company, Ford is working with cities to help address growing transportation challenges,” said R. Mahadevan, Director, Ford Smart Mobility, India.

He said the company can help find new ways to make commuters’ journeys seamless.

While different modes of public transport such as light rail, metro and buses co-exist in Hyderabad, 800 vehicles are added to the city’s streets each day.

Ford will engage with the relevant stakeholders and explore solutions in areas such as digital cashless one-time payments, mobile-based ticketing and smart card payments for passengers transiting through different modes of transport.

Earlier this year, Ford started working with authorities in Indore in Madhya Pradesh and Mumbai in Maharashtra to find innovative mobility solutions. (IANS)