Bengaluru– Oracle and the ICT Society (ICTS) of Karnataka on Tuesday collaborated to ramp up the skillsets of 120 teachers of computer science in over 60 colleges, over a period of three years.

As part of the collaboration, the teachers will be instructed through Oracle Academy courses, including java foundation, java fundamentals, java programming, database foundation, database design and programming amongst many others.

“Karnataka is an emerging hub for education and technology. We are delighted to work with the ICT Society of the State to meet the snowballing global demand for highly skilled, industry-ready professionals,” Damian Haas, Regional Director (Japan and Asia-Pacific), Oracle Academy, said in a statement.

“With this collaboration, Oracle remains committed to creating a future-ready workforce and thereby, address the skills gap challenge.”

The initiative is aimed at increasing the productivity and employability of the state’s working population, both in the organised and unorganised sectors.

In the past fiscal year, Oracle Academy supported over 3.5 million students in 120 countries across 12,000 institutions through an in-kind grant value of $3.75 billion.

In India, Oracle Academy currently teams with more than 1,700 educational institutions, the statement said. (IANS)