Barmer (Rajasthan)– Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the petroleum refinery he inaugurated in Barmer district will not only change the future of Rajasthan, but also help generate energy for the entire country.

He said that when the country celebrates in 2022 the 75th anniversary of its independence, a new source will help produce energy which would be sent across India.

He was addressing the work commencement ceremony of the Rs 43,129 crore refinery project at Pachpadra in Barmer district on Tuesday in the presence of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and Petroleum Minister Dharamendra Pradhan.

“Rajasthan is taking the lead to become the energy powerhouse of the country,” Modi said while addressing the event.

The Prime Minister said lakhs of people would get employment and the economic scenario in the region would change.

The refinery, a joint venture between Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited and Rajasthan government, will have the capacity to refine 90 lakh crude oil annually.

Due to be completed by 2022, the project is expected to bring Rs 34,000 crore to the state government coffers annually.

He appreciated the efforts of Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje who initiated the process to turn this project into reality.

“We cannot mislead people by installing stones. As in 2022 we complete 75 years of independence, we will ensure that our refinery starts functioning in the same year,” Modi said.

He took a dig at the Congress, saying: “We don’t want people to come and ask us that after installing the stone why you did not take action on implementing the same.”

The foundation stone laying ceremony had been performed four years ago by then Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Modu said the Congress had installed stone plaques across the country and misguided the public. He said he hoped that henceforth the public would ask for the date of commencement of public works.

Taking a dig at the Congress, the Prime Minister said he had heard people say that the Congress and drought were twins.

“When the Congress comes to power, drought comes along. On the other hand, whenever Raje becomes the Chief Minister, dry regions of the state receive good rains.”

Due to Raje’s untiring efforts, the refinery project, which was getting delayed, was finally realised and Rajasthan will benefit, he added.

Hitting out at the Congress on the issue of inauguration of the refinery project twice, Chief Minister Raje said: “We don’t believe in installing stones, but we believe in working hard to build a building. We work to turn our efforts into reality.”

Accusing the earlier Congress government of not doing anything after the stone-laying ceremony, she said: “There was no planning, no seriousness and no projection of implementing this scheme. We are doing this with a lot of planning.”

The refinery work has been kicked off by our Prime Minister and I firmly believe that it will be inaugurated also by Modi, she said.

Raje said the Bharatiya Janata Party government in the state had made farmers a partner in developmental process through the new Solar Energy Policy.

In the next one year, Bhadala Solar Park with 2,255 MW generation capacity will be set up and another with 1,000 MW capacity will come up in Nokh in Jaisalmer.

The programme was also addressed by Pradhan who said the refinery will bring in lot of growth and development in the state. (IANS)