Mumbai– India is set to lead the wave of digital disruption across the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region with 94 per cent of the organisations in the country ready to tackle this transformation in the next five years, a new report said on Monday.

According to “Digital Impact and Readiness Study” by software major CA Technologies, 73 per cent of Indian business and IT leaders surveyed believe that the digital order has already impacted their firms and the same number agree that their markets have been directly affected due to it.

“India is set to go through a drastic change in the next five years with more organisations embracing digital disruption,” Sunil Manglore, Managing Director (India) at CA Technologies, said in a statement.

“Businesses need to display stronger leadership in planning, organising and executing the digital transformation strategies of their firms,” he said.

The study showed that only 17 per cent of organisations across APJ have fully formed digital transformation strategies.

In India, while this figure is higher at 22 percent but it shows that 78 per cent of them do not have fully formed digital transformation strategies today.

According to the findings, 88 per cent consider that they are equipped to tackle the digital disruption in the ensuing three years while indicating strong leadership as a crucial element in contributing to the success of digital transformation.

The survey findings also revealed that improving workforce productivity and collaboration, enhancing customer experience and optimising operational efficiency are the top three priorities for Indian businesses during this period.

Indian businesses are placing greater focus on improving customer experience, which is contrasting when compared to the APJ respondents who are likely to concentrate on operational elements.

“Software is now the centre of all businesses. Ensuring organisations are working in an agile and collaborative environment sets them up for success today and into the future,” Manglore added. (IANS)