New Delhi– Noting that the availability of water is going to be a major issue for the country in future, Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu on Thursday urged corporates to provide new technology and management expertise to address the crises in availability of portable water during a CSR event here.

According to the minister, by 2035, India will become a $10 trillion economy, the third largest in the world and availability of water is going to be a major issue.

“It should be ensured that India, the third largest economy by then, is not water stressed,” a statement quoted the minister as saying.

Prabhu called for joint efforts by the government and the corporates by pulling all resources such as financial, managerial, policy framework and local resources, to address the critical challenges in sectors of water, education and healthcare.

The minister described CSR as an exemplary model in the country for companies “who have realised that their financial success is incomplete without support of the society”.

He added that CSR is a reality and it makes commercial sense for corporates to invest in society.  (IANS)