Kolkata– Bangladesh, which is importing around 700 megawatt (mw) of power from India, is looking to ramp up its electricity import from the country, an official of the neighbouring nation said here on Friday.

“We are currently importing around 700 mw of power from India and import of about 500 mw of additional power will be commenced very soon. Grid transmission line of 400 KVA has been completed,” said Md. Abdul Kalam Azad, Principal Coordinator (SDGs) Prime Minister’s Office of Bangladesh.

“We have signed an agreement with an Indian company to import 600-800 mw of power through a dedicated transmission line. We have received proposals from several Indian power generating companies which are wanting to set up transmission line to sell power to Bangladesh,” he said on the sidelines of CII Energy Conclave.

The neighbouring country is aiming at importing 10,000 mw from India, he said.

He said both the countries have been working together to develop the infrastructure.

Power sector cooperation between the two countries is “not limited to transmission and supply only.” India is “supporting its neighbouring country to enhance the capacity building”, particularly, human resource development for power generation, transmission and distribution.

“In Bangladesh, power capacity has been increased by five times in the last 10 years and we are getting support from India for human resource development,” he added. (IANS)