New Delhi– Fuel prices continued to rise on Tuesday, with diesel prices rising to fresh record levels across metros and petrol crossing the Rs 78-per-litre mark in the national capital.

The surge in fuel prices is largely due to rise in the cost of crude oil and high excise duty levied on transportation fuel in the country. The Brent crude oil is currently priced around $76.68 per barrel.

In Delhi, diesel was priced at Rs 69.61 per litre, against Rs 69.46 recorded on Monday.

In the other key metros of Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, the fuel was sold for Rs 72.46, Rs 73.90 and Rs 73.54, up from Rs 72.31, Rs 73.74 and Rs 73.38 per litre, respectively, on Monday.

Price in Mumbai hit a fresh high on Tuesday, surpassing the previous high of Rs 73.79 per litre on May 29. Diesel prices in the other three metros also climbed to new record levels for the third day in a row.

Rise in diesel prices gains significance as it is mostly used in vehicles for transportation of food and agricultural products, which could lead to higher inflation.

Tuesday also saw petrol prices rising further across the four metropolitan cities. In Delhi, the key transportation fuel was sold at Rs 78.05 per litre, up from Monday’s Rs 77.91 per litre.

In Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, petrol prices stood at Rs 80.98, Rs 85.47, Rs 81.09 per litre, against Rs 80.84, Rs 85.33 and Rs 80.94 per litre, respectively, recorded on Monday.

The all-time high petrol prices recorded on May 29 in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai stood at Rs 78.43, Rs 81.06, Rs 86.24 and Rs 81.43 per litre, respectively. (IANS)