By Krishna SinhaChaudhury

San Francisco– Betting big on the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive innovation in the tech space, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd on Tuesday predicted that all Cloud applications will be integrated with AI by 2025.

AI becomes most valuable when it is embedded into an application, Hurd said at his keynote address at the annual user conference “Oracle Open World 2018” here.

“At the risk of more criticism, I’m going to give you more predictions. By 2025, this could be right, all Cloud apps will include AI. AI will be integrated in all of those applications. The same will be true of Blockchain.

“The nonsense about these being separate solutions and you’re going to extract data from an application and you’re going to send it to a solution called ‘blockchain’ or ‘AI’, that’s not how the market is going to end. They’re going to be directly integrated into the applications themselves,” Hurd told reporters here.

According to the Cloud major, the deeper integration of AI would automate almost all interactions (of companies) with customers.

“About 85 per cent of interactions with customers will be automated by 2025. This world today where everything is done with basically with people trying to gather data in real time, this has to be done in something measured in milliseconds and the time needs to be spent in a more thoughtful way to engage with customers.

“You won’t have to deal with the Who are you again? What’s your problem? All of that will get automated as we move forward,” the Oracle CEO noted.

According to Hurd, Cloud and integrated technologies such as AI are cost-effective and has drive more innovation.

Hurd also highlighted another technology — Blockchain — which the Cloud major believes would be a feature of almost all applications where it can be part of exchange of secure information.

Oracle said that Machine Learning (ML) and advanced AI are already being integrated into Oracle Cloud services.

Oracle Customer Experience Cloud or Oracle CX apps include built-in AI tools that better predict account health, deliver service actions, automate answers and provide more personalised services.

The Cloud major also embeds ML into its security offerings for more efficient detection of security threats. (IANS)