Vatican City– Pope Francis on Wednesday decried the existence of poverty in the world and said it did not stem from a lack of resources but rather from an economic culture lacking in equity and human solidarity.

The head of the Catholic church made his remarks during the weekly General Audience in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican, reports Efe news.

“Our world has sufficient resources to meet the primary needs of all its inhabitants,” Francis told the gathered crowd.

“Yet so many members of our human family continue to suffer extreme want and even starvation for lack of sound economic decisions inspired by solidarity and justice,” he added.

“The goods of creation are destined for the entire human race,” Francis said. “What is lacking is a free and visionary business spirit capable of ensuring an adequate production, a humanitarian focus, and a fair distribution.”

Pope Francis continued his ongoing catechesis on the Ten Commandments, and focused on the seventh commandment dealing specifically with both theft and respect for the property of others: “Thou shalt not steal”.

The Pope said the faithful congregated at St Peter’s Square should take heed of the example set by Jesus Christ, who, although rich, became poor at the service of love, freedom and human dignity. (IANS)