San Francisco–Suggesting that the soon-to-open Apple Store at Washington DC’s Carnegie Library will do much more than just selling iPhones and other products, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that the outlet will focus on community and creativity, the media reported.

Due to open on May 11, Apple has spent an estimated $30 million in renovating the 116-year-old Carnegie Library into an Apple Store, The Washington Post reported on Friday.

The Carnegie Library store will utilise Apple’s “town square” concept, making it one of the company’s 13 high-profile locations across the world where each local staff offers a bevy of classes to help users to maximise their Apple products for photography, video editing or producing music.

“Probably one of the least done things in an Apple Store is to buy something,” Cook told the Post in an interview.

People come to explore new products, but also get training and services for iPhones or iPads they already own, he said.

“We should probably come up with a name other than ‘store,'” he said, “because it’s more of a place for the community to use in a much broader way.”

Reconstituting the Carnegie Library according to its original design standards was Apple’s “most historic, ambitious restoration by far in the world”, Cook claimed in the interview. (IANS)