San Francisco– Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly visited the White House and met US President Donald Trump and his eldest daughter Ivanka Trump as part of his work with the White House workforce advisory board.

“We’ve secured commitments from (the private sector) to do more. Tim Cook, from Apple, who was here today, who’s also on the advisory board,” Ivanka Trump told a room of governors, according to a White House transcript, The Hill reported late on Thursday.

This comes at a time when the US Department of Justice’s antitrust division and the Federal Trade Commission have divided oversight to investigate technology giants including Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon for supposed anti-competitive behaviour.

Notably, the iPhone maker did not reveal why its CEO met Trump.

In recent months, Trump has also met top tech executives including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Earlier this year he said he met Pichai to discuss the company’s work in China and allegations of anti-conservative bias. Trump later said on Twitter that the meeting went “very well”, the report added. (IANS)