Bengaluru– Global software major Wipro’s digital arm on Friday said it acquired US-based Rational Interaction to enhance its customer experience offerings.

“The acquisition will scale our digital offerings to chief marketing officers, connecting Rational’s ability to map the customer journey with our ability to design and build experiences at global scale,” Wipro Digital said in a statement.

According to the firm, a single marketing effort cannot generate long-term revenue, as such a development requires an ecosystem of connected touch points and the new acquisition will enable companies to create customer experience programme with strategic advice and customer lifecycle management.

“Expertise in digital marketing and experience management complements our capabilities across digital engineering, architecture and design,” said Wipro Digital’s head Rajan Kohli said.

To discover, refine and optimise customer experience, Kohli said a company needs talent, marketing technologies and methodologies demonstrating scale.

He said the end-customer in every industry, including the hi-tech industry is being redefined, requiring a customer and channel partner reimagination.

Founded in 2009, Rational Interaction is headquartered in Washington state with 300 employees and offices in Seattle, Bellvue, Dublin and Sydney.

Started by women, it is one of Washington state’s 100 large privately-held companies.

“Wipro’s global presence and partnerships with industry leaders provides an opportunity to scale Rational’s customer experience offerings, building on our success in developing and launching brand-defining campaigns,” said Rational’s Chief Executive Kahly Berg.

Rational will grow and service its clients, with no plans to reduce its staff, as it integrates with Wipro Digital, the company said. (IANS)