San Francisco– Samsung has been expanding its 5G network equipment business as Huawei faces troubles and now a new report has claimed that the South Korean tech giant is developing 5G small cell devices for Verizon.

These 5G small cells will be based on Qualcomm’s 5G chipsets.

“The small cells refer to small base stations which the customer can install themselves, while the outdoors cells are called macro-cells and are based on the 28GHz mmWave 5G technology,” reports Android Headlines.

Samsung has already deployed 5G networks for carriers in Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the US and other countries.

Samsung’s network business has previously supplied 4G small cells to the US carrier, made based on Intel’s chipset and has been supplying them to Verizon since 2016.

The company’s 4G small cell is available from Verizon’s website for $249.99, and it is about the size of a tablet PC and weighs around 500g.

Meanwhile, Verizon has received criticism for the low coverage of its 28GHz spectrum 5G network. (IANS)