San Francisco– Apple has postponed the full enforcement of privacy practices in its upcoming iOS 14 software release after Facebook went out in public against those changes.

The feature would require app developers to request users’ permission to track them across apps for advertising purposes. Facebook had complained about the feature, saying it would impact its ad business.

“We are committed to ensuring users can choose whether or not they allow an app to track them,” Apple said in a statement on its developer website on Thursday.

“To give developers time to make necessary changes, apps will be required to obtain permission to track users starting early next year. More information, including an update to the App Store Review Guidelines, will follow this fall”.

The feature was announced at Apple’s annual developer conference WWDC 2020 in June that would require app developers to notify a user of an app’s intent to track the user’s IDFA (ID for Advertisers).

Facebook acknowledged that Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 may lead to over 50 per cent decline in its Audience Network advertising business.

Facebook Audience Network is an in-app advertising network for mobile apps.

The social networking app said that it will not collect the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) on its own apps on iOS 14 devices.

The IDFA is a random device ID number assigned by Apple to a user’s device. Advertisers use this to track data so they can deliver customised advertising. The IDFA is used for tracking and identifying a user (without revealing personal information).

In June, Apple announced iOS 14 updates that, among other changes, require apps to ask users for permission to collect and share data using Apple’s device identifier.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also slammed Apple for its App Store policy late last month, saying it blocks innovation and allows the tech giant to “charge monopoly rents”.

Facebook Gaming app was rejected by Apple for several months before the social network tweaked it for release on iOS devices. (IANS)