San Francisco– Google Stadia Cloud gaming service has reportedly started rolling out the ability to share captured screenshots and videos.

Initially, the only ways to share clips of Stadia gameplay were to either download your 30-second clips from the Stadia web app and rehost them on YouTube.

But now, by long-pressing the Capture button on the Stadia Controller one can easily save a video of the last 30 seconds of gameplay and can also share Stadia screenshots and clips with others as easily as sharing a link, reports 9To5Google.

Shared captures are available to view without needing to sign in to Stadia. Screenshots are shown in a simple viewer, while video clips are presented in a YouTube-like player.

Google rolled out an update in May this year which allows the Stadia Controller “capture” screenshots and video clips on Android.

With this captured screenshots and clips are stored automatically on users Stadia account. With a Stadia Pro subscription, one can store up to 500 clips and unlimited screenshots. Without a subscription, a user can store up to 100 clips and unlimited screenshots. (IANS)