New Delhi– Google is reportedly planning to roll out a feature for its Pixel smartphones in the Android 12 that will automatically rotate the display based on a user’s face.

The face-based version of Auto-Rotate to Pixel phones will use the front-facing camera to check if anyone is looking at the screen. If it detects that someone is indeed looking at the screen then it will try to determine in which way their head is turned, reports 9to5Google.

It is possible that this face-based version of Auto-Rotate could launch as a broader Android 12 feature, but for now it will be exclusively for Pixel phones.

Android 12’s developer preview release is expected to be released on February 19, while its public release is expected in early September.

As usual, Google Pixel owners will likely be among the first to receive updates to Google’s latest software.

Google is also planning to add double-tap gesture support for Pixel phones with Android 12.

The double tap could allow Pixel users to summon Google Assistant, it could also be used for different tasks such as dismissing a timer or snoozing an alarm.

Android 12 double-tap feature would include the ability to adjust the sensitivity to only recognise ‘firm’ taps.

Users can also use the gesture to take a screenshot, pause or resume media playback, open the recent apps view, and open the notification panel. (IANS)