New Delhi– In an effort to give parents more controls over their kids watch time, Google has introduced, a website with resources for family as kids begin using technology.

According to Google, two in five parents are not confident in talking about different tech-related topics with the kids and this includes discussions about things like screen time, digital wellbeing and discovering quality apps, games and activities.

The new website offers detailed guides that spell out how to approach your kids’ technology use from various organisations.

“Alongside overviews of our kids and families products, you can also catch up on the latest apps and services and find helpful information on parental controls across the web,” Google said in a statement late on Tuesday.

Parents can now encourage children to spend more time with apps they approve of by designating them as “always allowed,” even when their screen time limit is up.

“You can now see added details to daily, weekly and monthly activity reports. This gives you an overview of how your child is spending their time in apps, how it changes over a week or month and what portion of time was spent in ealways allowed’ apps,” Google informed.

Last year, three in five parents allowed increased screen time for their kids as they stayed home.

Google said it is also working with online firm Headspace to create content that helps families practice mindfulness and wellbeing.

Over the next month, an episode from the new Headspace Breathers series will debut weekly on YouTube and YouTube Kids, the company said. (IANS)