New Delhi– Microsoft 365 services including the collaboration app Teams and Azure Cloud have suffered a major outage and the company said on Tuesday it was trying to bring the services back across the impacted regions.

The company said it identified an issue “with a recent change to an authentication system”.

“We’re rolling back the update to mitigate impact, which we expect will take approximately 15 minutes,” Microsoft 365 team said in a series of tweets.

However, the problem persisted and the company further tweeted: “The process to roll back the change is taking longer than expected. We’ll provide an ETA as soon as one becomes available”.

Microsoft later admitted that while the update has finished deployment to all impacted regions, “Microsoft 365 services are showing decreasing error rates in telemetry. We’ll continue to monitor service health status”.

The company saids it was “taking steps to resolve some isolated residual impact for services that are still experiencing impact.”

This is the first major Microsoft Teams outage since the service went down back in September last year, alongside other Microsoft 365 services like Office 365 and Outlook.

Microsoft Teams users experienced message delivery delays and had issues when searching for contacts.

There are at least 115 million people using Microsoft Teams globally.

In the latest tweet on Tuesday, Microsoft 365 team said: “Our monitoring indicates that majority of the services have fully recovered. However, we’re addressing a subset of services that are still experiencing some residual impact and delays in recovery”. (IANS)