New Delhi– Austin-based Dell has become India’s most desired brand (MDB), according to TRA Research.

It has risen, from previous year’s sixth position, to beat four-time leader Samsung Mobiles. Mi from Xiaomi became the second most desired brand in India gaining ten ranks from the 2020 report.

Home-bound consumers showed a high preference for televisions and ranked LG Televisions third with a climb of twelve ranks over the previous year, closely followed by Samsung (television) at fourth rank.

Apple iPhone fell three positions to be ranked as fifth in TRA’s Most Desired Brands 2021 report.

Samsung Mobiles ranked eight falling from the top position it held for four years.

The annual report is the seventh in the series and lists India’s top 1,000 desired brands arrived through research conducted among 2,000 consumer-influencers from 16 Indian cities.

TRA Research CEO N. Chandramouli said: “Of the 1,000 brands listed in the report, the top 50 lists 18 Indian brands, 9 US brands, 8 South Korean brands and 7 Chinese brands. There are 29 categories among the top 50 showing a diverse consumer choice, however, Mobile Phones are the most Desired Category with 9 entrants, followed by Laptops and Televisions, with 4 brands each.” (IANS)