Mumbai– Equity-linked mutual fund schemes saw a net inflows of over Rs 22,500 crore in July.

As per the data furnished by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) on Monday, the net inflows stood at Rs 22,583.52 crore.

In June, the net inflows had stood over Rs 5,980 crore, while in May, the total sum was over Rs 10,000 crore.

In April, equity-linked mutual fund schemes saw a net inflow at Rs 3,437 crore.

Besides, the contributions through systematic investment rose on a sequential basis last month.

The SIP inflows at the end of July rose to Rs 9,608.86 crore from Rs 9,155.84 crore reported for end of June.

“RBI’s accommodative stance, healthier earnings growth, vaccination-driven steady containment of Covid pandemic and global and domestic liquidity is driving the Equity markets to historic highs,” AMFI Chief Executive N.S. Venkatesh said.

“Taking a cue, retail investors too are participating in the equity rally, largely through ‘Mutual Fund SIPs’, on a continued rising quantum at record levels.”

According to the data, the net AUMs for the India’s MF Industry breached Rs 35 lakh crore landmark for the first time ever.

Furthermore, the MF industry added a whopping 50 lakh folios to reach 10.54 crore folios. (IANS)