San Francisco– Micro-blogging site Twitter has announced that it is beginning to roll out labels for automated accounts (or bot accounts).

“Examples of automated accounts you might see on Twitter include bots that help you find vaccine appointments and disaster early warning systems,” Twitter said in an FAQ.

“When these accounts let you know they are automated, you get a better understanding of their purpose when you are interacting with them,” it added.

Initially, in what Twitter is calling a test, a small number of developers will be invited to be able to apply the labels to their accounts, reports The Verge.

For accounts in the test that have activated the labels, an “Automated” label will appear on profile pages and on tweets themselves for accounts.

“We hope this added context helps you trust the content you see,” the company wrote.

The company said all developers will be able to use the labels by the end of the year.

The rollout is kicking off a bit later than the July time-frame that was previously promised, as per the report.

The report mentioned that the micro-blogging site is also working on a label to memorialise people who have died and that label is scheduled to be available this year. (IANS)