San Francisco– Enterprise software major VMware on Wednesday expanded its partnership with Intel to deliver security, maintenance, and intelligent analytics for commercial PCs.

Integrating Intel vPro platform technology with VMware Workspace ONE cloud management will enable PC security across silicon devices and applications and allow automated maintenance to help keep PCs up to date from anywhere, even when out of network or off domain.

“Through this new integration, we will deliver chip-to-cloud management and unlock new security and PC management capabilities to benefit end users and IT organisations,” the company said in a statement.

“We are thrilled to deepen our alliance with Intel, who shares our goal of enabling better, more secure employee experiences for the modern anywhere workforce,” it added.

This joint solution is the result of the accelerated adoption of remote work and businesses evolving into work-from-anywhere organisations. IT professionals are faced with the task of supporting these modern, distributed teams regardless of work location — remote, on-site, or hybrid.

The vPro platform comprises an architecture that delivers comprehensive hardware-based security features to protect against modern cyber attacks that can aim to exploit vulnerabilities below the OS layer.

Above the OS layer, Workspace ONE handles identity and access control, zero IT touch PC deployment, remote configuration, and provides increased success rates of applying security patches to enable OS and software protection.

“Together, we will provide an integrated security solution that follows devices, apps, and data, no matter where they are,” the company said. (IANS)