San Francisco– Apple users globally faced issues with the App Store and Apple Music for couple of hours and the company said early on Tuesday that it has resolved both the bugs and the services were back on track.

Website outage tracking service Downdetector reported these issues and nearly all users were affected worldwide.

The App Store outage largely affected iPad users and they also had issues with playing music, accessing their profiles, viewing lyrics and more on Apple Music.

“Thanks for the awareness! The App Store is currently experiencing an outage. We’re working hard on this so that you can access the App Store again,” Apple Support had said in a tweet.

The users of both App Store and Apple Music suffered intermittent issues for couple of hours.

Reddit users had problems with Apple Music missing lyric information, Dolby Atmos, and lossless audio from songs.

9to5Mac reported that Apple’s Privacy Labels weren’t appearing on many App Store listings.

Some users said logging in and logging out fixed the missing lossless audio features for them but not the missing lyrics.

Now, both Apple services have been resolved. (IANS)