New Delhi– Automobile major Maruti Suzuki India on Wednesday announced a voluntarily recall of 19,731 units of its ‘Eeco’ model.

According to the company, the recall is being undertaken to inspect and rectify “incorrect marking of wheel rim size”, if any, on the wheel in some of these vehicles.

“In a routine inspection, Maruti Suzuki found that in some units of EECO, manufactured between July 19, 2021 and October 5, 2021, the wheel rim size was incorrectly marked. This issue has no implication on performance, safety or environment,” the company said.

“Affected vehicle owners will be receiving communication from Maruti Suzuki authorised workshops for vehicle inspection and necessary rectification, if wheel rim size marking is found incorrect.”

In industry parlance, a voluntary recall is conducted to rectify defects in the product. This exercise is done free of cost to the consumer. (IANS)