San Francisco– Tech giant Apple is reportedly working to bring the macOS experience to its future iPads.

This news comes from Patently Apple, as the team had discovered on the US Patent and Trademark Office database that the tech giant was recently awarded a detachable laptop-like iPad experience, running on a macOS-like experience, reports GizmoChina.

The iPad shown off the patent is a tablet and has a hinged keyboard accessory that allows the tablet to be seamlessly mounted onto the keyboard via a specialised coupling mechanism.

The keyboard also works as a case that protects the iPad screen from external conditions, similar to what you will find on a laptop, the report said.

According to the patent illustrations, the iPad will feature a macOS-like user interface to elevate the user experience with the keyboard.

The patent also revealed that Apple Pencil can now be housed within the hinge that mounts the iPad to the keyboard. The port connection interface like USB-C will also be installed onto the hinge.

As for the camera, projectors, light and microphone, the patent revealed that Apple is going with a rather odd approach as these features are seen as additional accessories instead, which are then mounted onto the hinge if needed, and dismounted when not. (IANS)