San Francisco– As tech enthusiasts across the globe are waiting to witness Apple’s mixed reality headset or its new AR/VR operating system in real, a new report on Tuesday claimed that the tech giant is unlikely to announce it during the Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC), which is scheduled to kick off from June 6.

In a series of tweets, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned that he expects the tech giant’s headset to launch in 2023.

“It still takes some time before the Apple AR/MR headset enters mass production, so I do not think Apple will release the AR/MR headset and rumoured realityOS at WWDC this year. Apple’s competitors worldwide cannot wait to see the hardware spec and OS design for Apple’s AR/MR headset,” Kuo wrote on the micro-blogging platform.

“I am sure that if Apple announces AR/MR headset and its OS at WWDC, competitors will immediately kick off copycat projects and happily copy Apple’s excellent ideas, and hit the store shelves before Apple launches in 2023,” Kuo added.

A recent report said that the realityOS has appeared in a trademark filing, “which has not been officially filed by Apple but it is common practice for large companies to apply for trademarks under a one-off company”.

The realityOS-powered headsets will be able to offer a combination of AR/VR experiences, immersing users in virtual content as well as layering virtual elements over real-world environments.

Earlier this month, the company’s board of directors reportedly tried out the wearable device which is common practice ahead of a public launch.

The AR headset is expected to sport a sleek design so that it is lightweight and comfortable for the wearer to roam around for prolonged periods. (IANS)