Beijing– A Tesla owner in China who purchased one of the company’s vehicles and claimed it had faulty brakes admitted the story was fabricated in an issued apology on a Chinese social media network.

According to Teslarati, the electric vehicle company fended off many instances of misinformation campaigns in China over the past two years, many of which were owners stating the vehicles had braking issues, which in turn led to accidents.

On several occasions, Tesla has confronted these owners with the opportunity to prove the vehicles were faulty, even offering third-party examinations of the cars involved in accidents.

Tesla did this with one owner who stood on top of a company vehicle at the Shanghai Auto Show last year, claiming the car she bought from the automaker was not safe.

She refused to oblige with Tesla’s third-party audit request, and data from the vehicle showed it was driven aggressively before the accident.

It appears another instance of the automaker waiting for proof of vehicle defects has resulted in an apology from an owner, the report said.

A Weibo user, who identified himself as the “Wenzhou Owner” in his profile on the platform issued an apology for fabricating a story that his Tesla braking system was not effective, it added. (IANS)