San Francisco– In a bid to improve user experience, tech giant Google has announced that it is introducing new Workspace features for larger Android screens that includes Drag and drop, Side-by-side view and Keyboard shortcuts.

The company is going to make Google Workspace apps even better on Android’s larger screens with updates to Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Keep.

“At I/O, we shared plans to update more than 20 Google apps on tablets to take full advantage of the extra space on those bigger screens,” Scott Blanksteen Senior Director, Product Management, Android said in a blog post.

‘Drag and drop files’ feature lets users drag text or images from apps, such as Chrome or Sheets, and drop that content right into an existing document or spreadsheet cell.

With the ‘side by side’ feature users can now open two drive windows side-by-side, users need to select the three-dot menu on any drive file and tap on the “Open in new window” option.

When using the attached keyboard, users can now use simple and familiar keyboard shortcuts, such as select, cut, copy, paste, undo and redo, to quickly navigate around Drive, Docs and Slides with the help of ‘keyboard shortcuts’ feature.

The company said these updates will roll out to Android’s large screens with Google Workspace and personal Google Accounts over the next few weeks. (IANS)