New Delhi– India’s leading carrier IndiGo has said that it will fully reinstate pilots’ salaries by November.

Aviation sector was badly impacted during the Covid pandemic and all domestic carriers had cut staff salaries following the Covid-19-induced lockdowns.

As per sources, the airline is likely to reinstate pay by 8 per cent in August from 6.5 per cent proposed in November earlier.

“Despite the fuel and foreign exchange costs remaining prohibitive, we are hopeful that we will continue to inch our way back to profitability and higher growth. Our aim has been to constantly revisit our salary and remuneration and reinstate them to pre-Covid levels,” said the statement attributed to the airline’s senior vice president of flight operations, Capt. Ashim Mittra.

The airline also said that it will be restoring a further 6 per cent pay from September, while the remaining 6 per cent would be done in November.

An internal mail by Ronojoy Dutta, CEO IndiGo read, “The good news is that the crisis seems to be ending, our revenue performance is strong, and we should be back on a path of profitable growth soon.”

“I understand that every department still has its own unique challenges and I urge you to stay connected with the leadership of your department. I assure you that we are working on resolving each and every issue to ensure that we continue our journey to become better than the best,” it further said. (IANS)