San Francisco– Amid the rise of work-from-home culture post-Covid-19 lockdowns, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that bosses are scared that their employees slack off while working from home.

In a recent report on shifting workplace attitudes, the Microsoft CEO commented that some bosses are skeptical of work-from-home culture, reports Windows Central.

“We have to get past what we describe as ‘productivity paranoia,’ because all of the data we have that shows that 80 per cent plus of the individual people feel they’re very productive — except their management thinks that they’re not productive,” Nadella was quoted as saying.

“That means there is a real disconnect in terms of the expectations and what they feel,” he added.

The CEO referred to a major survey across its organisation about working from home.

In that survey, 87 per cent of Microsoft employees feel they are more productive while working from home, whereas 80 per cent of Microsoft’s managerial layer thinks workers are less productive.

Nadella also noted that before the pandemic, only 2 per cent of the vacancies on LinkedIn included remote working, but since the pandemic, that amount has jumped to 20 per cent.

Microsoft’s current work-from-home policy allows up to 50 per cent of employee time to be spent working remotely, with more than 50 per cent becoming subject to managerial approval. (IANS)