San Francisco– Andy Rubin, known as the “Father of Android”, has returned to public eye with a new business venture that will focus on “surveillance services” for the home.

According to Android Authority, The Information reported that the ex-Google executive has a new Palo Alto, California-based startup called “Simple Things”.

The new company is said to make security monitoring software for a variety of products such as cameras, sensors, motion detectors, and hardware.

Rubin is the man who spent nine years at Google working on the Android operating system.

He may also be remembered as one of the disgraced former Google executives who were paid millions in severance packages following allegations of misconduct that led to company-wide protests back in 2018.

He left Google in 2014 after it was discovered he was having an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate.

Rubin has founded a few businesses since then. Before Simple Things, he founded Essential, a smartphone company. He was able to raise $300 million in funding from organisations such as Tencent and Redpoint Ventures before finally shutting down in 2020, according to a report.

Some employees from Essential then went on to create a new phone company called OSOM, which plans to launch a new phone with Solana Mobile soon.

According to The Information, Rubin incorporated “Simple Things” shortly after Essential shut down and brought over several former Essential and OSOM employees, the report added.

Meanwhile, the home security market is a space that is of increasing interest to tech companies like Google and Amazon. (IANS)